Sara Crane Psychodramatist

I am a Psychodramatist, an AANZPA Trainer Educator and Practitioner, nature therapist and a registered psychotherapist. 

What I Do

Psychodrama, psychotherapy, nature therapy, supervision,  workplace coaching and mentoring, training and community organisation development in person and remotely, using video or telephone communication. Or you can request a specially designed supervision or training group for your organisation, tailored to your situation and current issues.

I offer, mentoring, coaching, supervision, psychodrama, nature therapy and psychotherapy for:

  • groups
  • organisations
  • individuals
  • couples 
  • children, families and pets
Sara Crane

Group Supervision

Group supervision has the capacity to stimulate ideas and for supervisees to feel supported and companioned in their work. It can provide a valuable adjunct to individual supervision and may have a teaching component.

Individual Supervision

I enjoy working with you to develop your full potential and to hone in on critical moments and blind spots, to maximise learning and mobilise effectiveness in all aspects of your work.

Community Development

You can request a specially designed supervision or training group for your organisation, tailored to your situation and current issues to strengthen relationships and reduce isolation.

Workplace Coaching, Teambuilding and Mentoring

Get help to refine your work practice and your ability to create positive relationships and work through challenges and increase the potency of the service you offer others..

Nature Therapy

I offer nature experiences with llamas, dogs, cats and trees as my co-therapists. Being outside and connecting with the natural elements has the capacity to soothe and free up your creative energies.


I help families with children and also adult families to understand family dynamics and work together to enjoy each other and face challenges in the sometimes stressful world we live in.

My Approach & Philosophy

My dream is that people all over the world will become more involved with nature, highly valuing relationships and having the ability to make intelligent, sensitive and potent interventions. I have a vision of communities celebrating life in relevant ways so that steady relationships and joy are part of the everyday norms. I am aware that the way I am is crucial in enabling me to be effective. Openness and flexibility, a playful touch, and attention to emotional tone and timing assist me to connect with the people I work with.

As I reflect on my experience, the best way I can describe it is that I give myself and others a spontaneity training workout, and this has a good effect. Everyone has their own creative style.

I am fortunate to be able to offer outdoor experiences in the bush and encounters with llamas, farm dogs and friendly cats.



Below are links to a number of articles I have written about my work.

Why aren’t you dancing?

I have been out for dinner with my husband Simon, my brother Simon, and my sister-in-law and friend Jude. We decide to go to Stranges Lane to listen to Lyndon Puffin, a musician who is going to play at Simon’s 60th birthday in a couple of months’ time.

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Tansy’s take on it

Tansy is a twelve-year-old Border Collie dog. When she is at home, she is a working dog and a pet, herding llamas and chickens and sometimes children, and playing with her son Mr. Brock, a Border Collie Huntaway crossbred. But Tansy has another important role. She comes with me, her pack leader, and companions me in the counselling and therapy work I do at the Urban Eden Psychotherapy Centre.

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Extraordinary Children: Harnessing the Potency of Elemental Roles

Sara Crane traces the journey of her psychotherapeutic work with three children, describing how she came to appreciate the therapeutic potency of the extraordinary elemental roles enacted by them. The work of the clinician is to understand the context and underlying value system of these frequently unattractive and antisocial roles, and to ensure that they are doubled, mirrored and harnessed to the progressive system.

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Here are some of the workshops I have run.

Psychodrama Group 2022

A personal and professional development group for anyone who wants to refresh their spontaneity, strengthen relationships and build community. Psychodrama is an active and participatory method which involves full expression of your whole being. Through a variety of...

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Love to Write – Do it in Paradise

You will experience a range of writing activities and the opportunity to put your dreams and hurdles into action on the psychodramatic stage. Perhaps you already write in a journal, write stories or create poems or perhaps you are a complete...

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Training in Group Work and Leadership (2016)

Dates: 26 February, 2016 - 28 February, 2016 ::  This experientially based training includes both theoretical and practical components. You will learn about: Group Formation, Group Dynamics; and Group Leadership & Facilitation. This is part of the training for...

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