Why aren’t you dancing?

AANZPA Journal 25, Dec 2016

I have been out for dinner with my husband Simon, my brother Simon, and my sister-in-law and friend Jude. We decide to go to Stranges Lane to listen to Lyndon Puffin, a musician who is going to play at Simon’s 60th birthday in a couple of months’ time.

Stranges Lane threads between newly constructed concrete block buildings and hosts a proliferation of small bars and eateries that all face into the narrow corridor of the lane. The lane is a bit cold and not well lit, and it’s not easy to tell which establishment is which. We can hear Lyndon playing quietly and make our way towards the bar. It’s an odd set up. Lyndon is playing in a little corner on the edge of the corridor like laneway. There are probably about 20 to 30 customers here altogether. They are scattered around at tables, drinking and eating. Most of them seem to be occupied by their phones. The atmosphere is not encouraging.